From Humility to Passion! The 5 Steps Of The Pé Descalço Philosophy

Pé descalço is a school famous for evaluating its students and separating them into groups with different colors. But what few people outside the school know is that each of the colors used in this division has a meaning. Together these meanings form the philosophical guidelines of a journey that changes the lives of all who decide to follow it with an open heart.

Note: I am not the creator of philosophy. I am just sharing my vision of it after 10 years of living it. ( Rick Rezende is the creator of the pé descalço and idealizer of philosophy)


Upon entering the school students are contemplated with the transparent necklace. This necklace, from the very first moment, brings the most valuable characteristic to the school. For pé descalço, humility is not simply the virtue of recognizing one’s own limitations and of placing oneself below a figure of relative superiority. We take very seriously the power to learn from each and every person at all times, not only the techniques of dance, but also our qualities as a human being.

It is this quality that allows the school to be in constant evolution, reinventing itself with each new cycle. Always looking for knowledge generated by other professionals in other dances or other areas of knowledge. We have a thirst for the new because we understand that each day we can be better if we stop to evaluate our actions and seek the learning that comes from everywhere.

We understand criticism as a gift that the other brings us, and we try to accept it and assume the responsibility of self-transformation. The moment students understand this bias of the transparent necklace, they become owners of their own evolution and stop giving excuses or transferring the responsibility of their limitations to others or to some unfavorable condition. The result is an ascension of the person in all his potentialities.

Many still confuse humility with self-depreciation or false modesty. In evolving in a field of life we do not need to be afraid or ashamed to assume that we are good at it, as long as we do not lose sight of where we always have to continue evolving.


The second necklace of the school is white. It represents the awakening of the person to a new universe of possibilities. The image that the person has of music, dance, the whole community and culture around forró becomes resignified daily. Several taboos begin to be broken in relation to one’s own body and the other’s body, as well as in relation to people’s choices in all areas of life.

And at every moment we realize how much each element of forró is connected. The practitioner with the other, the music with the practitioner, the music with the culture, the culture with the history, the history with the transformations and with the new trends of the culture. The movements and the historical cultural conditions of the first practitioners and current practitioners. There is an infinity of knowledge to be unveiled and lived, there is so much to come and what there is to come will be influenced by that new practitioner who inserts himself in a humble world that thirsts to be learned and transformed by the one who has just arrived.


With the blue color comes the will, moment when the student has realized all the benefits that the community of barefoot can provide, and now he has all the gas and expectation of living all that was glimpsed at awakening The person already feels totally comfortable in forró environments and knows that this is his new place, his new refuge, . Every day he realizes that it is possible to evolve and learn the things that before seemed impossible and intangible.

The student realizes that his body goes through a transformation different from everything he had experienced, with each new practice he tames his own movements and becomes master of himself and with this he increases his self-esteem and self-confidence. And the feeling is so good that the will only grows to continue evolving.


We’ve reached the black necklace. Forró for these people is no longer a simple hobby, it is a lifestyle. It is when the student begins to understand the responsibilities he or she has with the school and with the new students. The student becomes a reference for those who arrive and needs to mature even more his humility to not let the new looks on him make him arrogant.

He awakens to new techniques, deeper and more elaborate, and his willingness to master each of them reveals that without seriousness and discipline with his own learning the result he desires will not be achieved. The student realizes how long the journey ahead still is and that he can enjoy the path without rush giving due attention to each resource learned.

From the black color is that the student becomes eligible to enter the process of instructor of the school, and begins to understand that there is seriousness, commitment, dedication behind every joke or frolics made by the team.

Begins to understand the importance of offering a smile or inviting a beginner to dance.


The red necklace is the passion one. A mixture of gratitude and responsibility. The philosophy of the school is already within the person. The will to make the project of the school grow, occupies the thoughts of this person constantly and she shares the concerns and the joys of making the school always entertaining and welcoming.

Working with dance probably involves the life projects of these people, even as a secondary occupation. They bring a particular story of their path full of remarkable events that the dance has provided along the way. The person also gradually leaves his mark and directly influences the way people dance forró in the places where they go.

The pleasure of seeing new people discover forró is greater than the pleasure of dancing in itself. The passion for dance makes us want to spread the dance and take forró to as many places and people as possible. The motivation of a Red is to share with people the chance to change the way they see life, their body, culture, other people, music and provide the chance to transform the lives of more and more people through the forró community.

Now we invite you to visit me and live this wonderful philosophy in one of my units in Belo Horizonte, or some unit of the Pé Descalço network (BH, São Paulo, Santo André, Niterói, Juiz de Fora, Contagem and London).

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