I don’t dance, because I don’t know how! Understand why this sentence is upside down!

A lot of people use this excuse to avoid the dance floors, the problem is that many of them want to get up and go dancing, but they get stuck out of fear of being ashamed. When we invite a person to visit a forró school or any other dance school and they say: “I don’t take classes because I don’t know how to dance”, the contradiction is wide open!

The school is just the place for you to learn!

The problem, for the most part, comes from the person’s imagination. When the conversation extends beyond the original question and answer, it is common for a person to describe what they think a ballroom dance class would be like. Usually the person imagines that he or she will get to the school and there they will put him or her on the dance floor and he or she will have to keep dancing the whole class and as time goes by, he or she will improve.

If you’re one of those people, I’m glad you’re reading this article! The dance class will naturally have a dancing part, but in any forró school there will be a time to explain exactly what to do and how to do, from the most basic movements that exist. The correct thing to do then, would be to say, “I don’t know how to dance, because I don’t take classes”. There is absolutely no one who hasn’t started to dance from scratch, there are only some people who started it earlier.

Of course there are a lot of people who dance without ever having taken classes, but these people also started from scratch and instead of having in mind: “I don’t dance because I don’t know how”, they thought: “I don’t know how to dance, because I don’t dance”. Of course, only those who try to dance and those who go through the inevitable beginning will know how to dance. There’s no point in hopping to dance on the same level as the people you occasionally see dancing , overnight. To get to their level you have to go through all the stages that they have gone through.

What is often not known either is how welcoming the forró environment is. How much people who already practice, encourage and care for the people who are starting.


The natural instinct of a forrózeiro is to try to help the other to evolve. Everyone remembers the time when they were beginners and were shy or were a little embarrassed to dance, so the initiated practitioners understand perfectly the insecurities that a beginner has, and will do what they can to not let shyness and insecurity be the main mark and each dance.

So if you still cling to these excuses, think again, give it another chance! And if you know someone who clearly wants to dance and is still afraid, I hope I have helped you to know what to say to them! Another thing you can do is share this text with your friends!

If there are any doubts left, why not take a look at this other article on this subject written by my friend Rita Morais:

I don’t know how to dance

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