6 Quick Tips To Learn To Dance And Accelerate Your Dance Evolution

When we start dancing we soon realize that it is not as difficult as it seems, and that with a little practice we can already achieve wonderful results in improving our performance and our self-esteem. But the dance is full of technique and knowledge that, if taken into account, greatly optimize the learning process. They help us gain control of our body, which allows us to have enormous freedom when dancing, making each dance more enjoyable for us, for those who dance with us and for those who see us dancing.

Here are some fundamental tips so that the dance can manifest with all its potential in our life.

1 – Start already

The great villain of any activity is laziness. We are always postponing our dreams and our desires because of silly excuses, and every day that passes is a time that we throw away. This time we spend is a punishment we give ourselves by not allowing ourselves to enjoy the satisfaction and benefits that dancing brings us.

Who has never wondered, “Oh, if I had started before”?

2 – Don’t skip steps

Having patience with your own body is certainly the best quality an apprentice can have. It is necessary to understand that every new information is important and if it is well assimilated it forms the basis for new information. It is very important to learn one thing at a time and have the patience so that body and mind can communicate in a natural way. Dance is, first of all, a challenge of coordination and there is no coordination without the participation of our minds.

When we try to learn things much more advanced than our body can assimilate at that moment we are faced with two very bad paths. One is frustration, which we unnecessarily cause by trying to take a bigger step than our legs can take. The other is the worst of them, pseudo success (false success). Sometimes we can execute an outline of the desired movement and we are satisfied without realizing that we are executing in a terrible way. In the case of a couples dance, these movements are the main responsible for making our dance unpleasant for those who dance with us or for those who watch us dancing.

man break dancing on street

3 – Return to the basics

The famous phrase “take a step back to take two ahead” has only gained fame because we have a huge difficulty taking the step back. We only consider looking at the base when we come across a barrier. When we can no longer evolve and begin to feel unmotivated, it’s time that we perhaps think about reviewing and improving the fundamentals of dance.

The great secret to not encountering such barriers is to keep in constant contact with the simplest movements since weight transfer. Reviewing a movement seems like a step backwards when in fact it is the best way to observe certain details that you were unable to understand before. And there are no limits to training a move, or to attending a lesson again.

It’s very common to find people who don’t evolve for years simply because they don’t have the humility to recognize that they’ve skipped steps and/or don’t have the patience to make revisions.

4 – Seek guidance

This step is extremely simple to understand. There are many people who started studying dance before you. Look for good teachers and ask them everything. They have been through a long road of successes and mistakes and will know how to show you how to reach your goal with less time and less effort.

5 – Make a lot of mistakes

One of the biggest blockages I’ve seen for 10 years in my students is the fear of making a wrong move. This creates a huge delay in learning, and it is very clear that students who are not afraid of making a mistake evolve at an enormous speed. The fear of being judged by people is one of the terrible marks that we bring from our culture and at the moment of class the students feel at ease to make mistakes, but when it comes to dancing they simply don’t risk executing the new movements for insecurity of thinking that if they make mistakes they will be rated as bad dancers. Thus the practice of certain movements simply does not happen restricting the evolution.

Stop treating error as a failure and embrace it as a great partner to your learning. Remember that everyone makes mistakes and that mistakes are our greatest teacher, and no one will find you a worse person for making mistakes. Of course, a healthy environment is the one that makes you feel at ease to make the mistake and you will have collaborative people willing to help you and that leads us to my last tip for you.

6 – Join a healthy community

The best way to be able to practice and evolve is to be together with people with the same interests and objectives as you. And in dance there are many ways to find groups of people to go out with, talk about dance and of course practice. The communities formed through dance have the habit of being extremely collaborative and receptive. Dancers are always looking for people with whom they can dance.

Dancers are always looking for people to dance with so that helping people learn is an “investment” in good dances in the future. In the communities, great friendships are usually formed and the dance begins to present you with both well-being and self-esteem.

If the venues you go to don’t have these qualities and promote competition between people, maybe you’re in the wrong place. There are plenty of good dance schools with serious professionals who know how to promote good relations among students, and also groups, nightclubs or dancing bars where lightness, joy, the exchange of smiles and well-being are a priority. (Read:4 Tips for You to Choose Your Dance School) This way you will want to return to these places that do you good and you will evolve in a natural and enjoyable way.



Now that you know the way, it’s time to take the first step towards your first moves. For you who have already started, how about telling us if you have practiced any of these tips? Or tell me if you’ve already got stuck because you haven’t thought of any of them before!!!

You can let me get started:
I rolled up about 8 months to start taking classes since my friends started dancing and invited me to participate. When I finally entered all I could think about was the time I had wasted.

Luckily I started in a great school  and the teachers managed to guide me very well on the basis, and the community that the school produced was fantastic and completely conducive to learning and well-being. But I confess that I had problems in the part of skip stages and for a period of 2 years my dance did not evolve almost anything until I realized that I needed to make movements more consistent with my level and from then on only collected good results.

Thank you very much for getting here. I leave the invitation for you to visit me in one of my schools in Belo Horizonte or some unit of the chain that made me fall in love with forró and the dance, Pé Descalço (BH, São Paulo, Niterói, Juiz de Fora, Contagem and London).

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Felipe Raso Jamel Edim


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